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Valentine’s Day for Everyone

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you, whether you’re dating or single, from all of us at FriendFlirt!


If you’re in a relationship- have a great day with your sweetie. Whether you made special plans or no, I hope you’re enjoy the love you share with your special someone.

If you’re single- don’t hate on the day. It’s just another day. Nothing to really sweat. Just remember that someday you may be in a relationship and the day will have more meaning to you. 

Remember not to be bitter and not to be sad- you never know who may be falling in love with your smile!!


Showtunes Playlist for Valentine’s Day!

If you or your sweetheart  (or both of you!) is a musical theatre junkie, like myself, then you should check out this playlist I created for Valentine’s Day based on showtunes!


Let me know what you think and if we’re missing any big ones!


xoxo Jess