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Foxy Lady Friday: Emma Stone!





I love Emma Stone. She’s hilarious AND hot.



You’ve seen her in funny movies like Superbad, Zombieland, House Bunny, and Easy A. See: she’s comic gold.


She was also great in The Help. So there: she can be in more serious films, too.




I also love this little tidbit of information about her, too: she gave a Powerpoint presentation to her parents, set to the Madonna song “Hollywood”, to convince them to let her move to California for an acting career. She dropped out of high school, and in January 2004, moved with her mother to a Los Angeles apartment, at the age of fifteen. She was then home schooled, so that she could audition during the day.



Here’s to you, Emma!


Foxy Lady Friday: Ladies of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Guilty Pleasure Alert! I freaking LOVE Pretty Little Liars. It’s pretty awkward, since a 3rd grader was the one who got me to watch it and now I’m obsessed. Anyway, the girls on this show are all absolutely stunning! So to counteract my Men of Revenge post, here’s Ladies of Pretty Little Liars for Foxy Lady Friday!

First is Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer Hastings.


Then we have Shay Mitchell who plays Emily Fields.


And Lucy Hale who plays Aria Montgomery.


My favorite Little Liar would be Hanna Marin, played by Ashley Benson. You may also recognize her from the new movie Spring Breakers.




So if you want a cheesy guilty pleasure, check out Pretty Little Liars. Or, just look up these ladies because they’re absolutely fabulous.

Foxy Lady Friday: Christina Hendricks

In keeping with my preparing for the newest season of Mad Men, I declare Christina Hendricks as my Foxy Lady Friday winner.

15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, America - 25 Jan 2009

First things first, VA-VA-VOOM! Look at those gorgeous natural curves that this woman has! As a fellow hour-glass shaped lady, I just adore Christina’s figure.


Did you know she’s actually a natural blonde? She’s been dying her hair red since she was 10.


Random talent: She really does play the accordion. I thought it was just part of the script when she busted it out on Mad Men. No! She really does play! So awesome (and I’m jealous)!


She’s also featured in the music video for one of my favorite songs “The Ghost Inside” by the Broken Bells. So that’s totally awesome.

We love you, Christina Hendricks!

Foxy Lady Friday

Suggested by one of my friends from http://www.iidio.com, our featured lady for Foxy Lady Friday is Scarlett Johansson.


Besides being absolutely stunning, Scarlett Johansson is super talented. Aside from being in movies like The Nanny Diaries, He’s Just Not That Into You, and The Avengers, she was also on Broadway! She’s very philanthropic- she’s an ambassador for Oxfam and has donated her hair to Locks of Love. She’s also very human- she says cheese is her only vice. She’s also a twin, which is a neat bit of trivia. And honestly- she’s just a total babe. She’s always on the Hottest Women lists.

Scarlett Johansson scarlett uf9scarlett_johansson_style


So here’s to you, Scarlett Johansson!

Foxy Lady Friday

Hellllllo Anne Hathaway!


Other than the fact that she is completely versatile when it comes to performing (seriously- Princess Diaries, Brokeback Mountain, The Dark Knight Rises, and Les Miserables…..wow), she’s totally foxy. I mean, you’ve seen her in that Catwoman costume. She’s also a complete sweetheart that dedicates time to charity and how can you just not love her?! She’s just so wonderful.


anne anne3 Anne Hathaway_20Catwoman-Anne-Hathaway

big spoon to little spoon- come in little spoon

I always love when Sabatino guest posts!

Say what you will, but I love being the big spoon.


There’s just something to be said about being so close and finding that you fit together like perfect pieces of a puzzle.

Sometimes I crave it.  After a long, stressful day when nothing has gone quite right, there’s nothing I want more than to lazily curl up on the couch or in bed with you, pour us a few glasses of wine, and flip through the latest episodes of Boardwalk Empire.  There’s a certain closeness you get with spooning that you just can’t achieve with other romantic physical activity.  Like, feeling your back up against my chest, hips completely in sync, our legs tangled beneath the covers, and my lips dangerously close to your neck and ears.  To be a little cliche, it really is as if two become one, working together in complete harmony.

I find that spooning, at least for me, is the perfect time to bond with your significant other- when you’re smooshed up against each other and yet it still feels like you can’t get close enough.

For those of you who aren’t keen on spooning, keep in mind that women are very sensually oriented.  Luckily for me [as I’ll never admit to being the most handsome man in the world] they mostly respond to body heat, subtle touches, and fresh scents rather than visual stimulation.  This makes spooning the perfect opportunity to segway in to your other agendas, as your hands and lips are free to roam her body-scape. Plus, being the big spoon puts you in a position of control- something I find most women crave out of the men in their relationships.

Here are a few quick tips for all the big spoons out there.  First of all, your lips anywhere near her neck and ears will drive her crazy. Even kissing the back of her neck, just below the hair line will give her chills.  Subtly kissing her shoulders and the length of her back will peak her interest.  In fact, try running your lips in a curvy pattern down her back without ever lifting them up, slowly working your way down and up again, finishing just behind her ear.  Combine these techniques while firmly gripping her hips and pulling her close to you and you may be in for a long night.  When she turns around and throws her arms around you, you’ll know it’s on- just do me a favor and please don’t turn it in to a cheap 80′s porno.  Keep it classy and passionate.

Foxy Lady Friday

In honor of UFC 157 this weekend, I am dedicating this week’s Foxy Lady Friday post to two fabulous ladies: Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche!


For those of you that don’t know, this is the first female bout in UFC history. Like ever. It’s incredible. I’m really excited to watch this fight (myself- I’m a Rowdy Ronda fan, but it’s all good)!

Besides being super awesome enough to break through the wall of male UFC domination, they’re both pretty hot, too!

liz2 Carmouche-video Strikeforce Challengers Weigh-In


RR RR2 rousey

You should check out the fight tomorrow night. It’s going to be awesome and ground-breaking!