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Landing the girl (or guy!) of your dreams!

While doing some research this weekend, I stumbled across an article by Thomas Edwards of The Professional Wingman. I’m personally a fan of Mr. Edwards’ work, but liked this article before I even realized he wrote it.

Anyway, the article is on how to get the girl of your dreams, but I feel that these tips can be used by guys and gals equally. I’ll link you to the article here, but there was one tip I wanted to focus on because I thought it was really interesting and awesome.

Make it a suggestion, not a question. When you ask anyone a yes or no question, you give them the opportunity to say no. Instead, make a affirmative statement that you’d like to take her out. Once again, it makes her more likely to say yes, when it’s a suggestion she can go with.

I think this tip is brilliant and will be trying it out as soon as possible. I feel that this tip can be used for anything- not just dating. It’ll be much easier to get a group of my friends to watch a movie of my choosing if I suggest it rather than ask it.

I digress. Obviously this is a great tip for dating. I know that if a guy were to say “Hey Jess, I’d like to take you to this show on Friday”, I’d be more willing to go than if he flat out asked me if I wanted to go. Not only that, but if he were smooth enough in saying it, I’d be slightly turned on by the alpha male-ness of the suggestion and feel that I couldn’t say no- in a good way, that is. I’m curious as to what your thoughts are!

So tell me- how do you ask someone out?


xoxo Jess