Man Candy Monday: Baseball Edition

This is a different kind of Man Candy Monday for this week. If you know me at all, it’s no secret that I’m a GIANT OBNOXIOUS Red Sox fan. I even work at Fenway Park. That aside, today is the Home Opener for the Boston Red Sox. While last week was the season opener for this year, I’m especially excited today.

I promise you, that I’m actually a real baseball fan for more reasons than the attractive players on the field. However, when I saw this post on Buzzfeed, I had to reblog it for you.

So, if you will, please check out the Bootylicious Tribute to Baseball Butts. It’s way to great to not check out.



Man Candy Monday: Men of ‘Revenge’

Happy Man Candy Monday! Today is a special one: I’m featuring the sexy men on the cast of Revenge!


First there is Nick Wechsler who plays Jack Porter, the bartender and owner of The Stowaway. Scruffy and sexy!


Then there’s Joshua Bowman who plays Daniel Grayson, CEO of Grayson Global (and the prodigal son of the creepy Grayson family). Helllooooooo hotness.


Even Gabriel Mann who plays Nolan Ross, the CEO and founder of Nolcorp. Nerdy can be hot, too!


But my absolute favorite would be Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden Mathis, Emily’s partner in getting revenge. Just look at the man:


If you don’t watch Revenge, I suggest you start now. I mean, it’s a fantastic show that is loosely based on the Count of Monte Cristo. However, if you’re not into the story line, just watch it for the MEN! Gahhh!



Happy Man Candy Monday!

Man Candy Monday: Jon Hamm!

In preparation for the upcoming season of Mad Men, I decided that Jon Hamm would be a great man to feature for Man Candy Monday.


Basically because he’s Don Draper. So that’s hot.


And the fact that he has been ‘ordered’ to wear underwear on set because his junk is too big that it’s distracting everyone? Yea, that definitely qualifies  him as Man Candy for this Monday.


Oh and sure- he’s pretty funny, too. And all sorts of other good things, too.


But really- Don Draper. That’s all we need to know.

Man Candy Monday

Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand: Man Candy Monday. Today’s fantastically delicious piece of Man Meat is James Franco.


Personally, I’ve been in love with Mr. Franco since I was in high school and I saw the James Dean movie he was in. Holy hotness, batman! But as I’ve seen more and more movies with him, I’ve fallen more in love with him. Movies like Howl, Oz the Great and Powerful, Spiderman, 127 Hours- all solid movies. And he’s FUNNY. I mean, who doesn’t love Freaks and Geeks? He’s extremely talented as he can play many different characters, plus write and direct. He also loves to paint, which is pretty sexy. And did you know that he is a brilliant math nerd (like yours truly 😉 ) and interned at Lockheed Martin. Also- that smile. I just absolutely DIE when he flashes that giant grin.


So James Franco, congratulations on being today’s Man Candy Monday. Just keep doing your thing, sweetheart.


Man Candy Monday!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Man Candy Monday- Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


  • Smarty pants went to Columbia University!
  • Super talented- aside from acting, he also plays guitar and drums!
  • Able to play several different roles in any genre of film.
  • He can speak French.
  • He’s good friends with Channing Tatum and Leo DiCaprio. Let’s all hang out with that group, please!


jgl3 15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals © Copyright 2011 CorbisCorporation

Man Candy Monday

I don’t need to write anything….because Ryan Gosling.



Just….yea. That man. Dying.

Few fun facts: He hates working out to bulk up (thinks having huge muscles is a waste of time and energy). He was raised Mormon. He lived with Justin Timberlake and was on the Mickey Mouse Club. He’s still a musician. He’s funny, talented, and just….THOSE EYES.


Plus, he’s currently training in Muay Thai for a new movie coming soon- which, is awesome since I, too, train Muay Thai. SWOON.


Ryan Gosling Continues His Muay Thai Training ryan5 Ryan Ryan4

Man Candy Monday

While discussing this blog to a gentlemen friend of mine, he mentioned that Bradley Cooper should be featured for Man Candy Monday sometime soon. So here he is! Bradley Cooper!


  • He’s sober. He gave us drinking to be healthy. He also gave up chewing tobacco (woo!).
  • He speaks fluent French. Swoon!
  • He’s funny and kind of a bro, which is awesome in my book.
  • He graduated from Georgetown University in the Honors English program! Smarty pants!
  • He loves reading and cooking.
  • Have you seen him with his shirt off? Yea- that’s all I need to know.

bradley-cooper-a-team-w724 bradley hon-bradley-cooper-2 US-ENTERTAINMENT-GOVERNOR'S AWARDS