10 Dating Don’ts for the Ladies

This is a guest post from one of our fabulous Love Gurus, D. She asked if she could write a post on dating don’ts for ladies, and I thought it was a great idea. So here’s her post for you!
10 Dating Don’ts for the Ladies
Dating can be a tricky game. From subjects you shouldn’t touch on to just flat out crazy behavior. Because lets face it, we all havethat friend who has the dating horror stories. And all you can think to yourself is… Uh, yeah… good luck finding a boyfriend.
1.) Don’t talk marriage on a first date – Seriously ladies! Just don’t do it!
This past week I was watching the first episode of The Bachelor and Lindsay wore a wedding dress on the night of introductions. Way to try and go down in flames from the get go! Lindsay got lucky getting a rose in the rose ceremony. You? Might not be as lucky!
2.) Don’t compromise your morals. – Meaning? If you believe in something, don’t smile and nod to agree with your date even if you do not believe in those specific views. If you don’t get along about certain issues, this isn’t the end of the world. But if you start your relationship with white lies, it won’t go very far at all!
3.) Don’t bring a friend. – This is a two way street as well, so men listen up! When it comes to meeting and dating someone new, take this time to get to know each other. Not double team him with your friend. Chances are you will make your date feel uncomfortable. If you want to do the friends date… wait a couple dates and feel the waters out first!
4.) Don’t have sex on the first date! – Ladies! Keep your knickers on! Every time I have a girlfriend complain of never having a second or third date, it seems like the general consensus is sex. If you set a 3-6 date minimum, or even wait until you have an officialrelationship, you may be in better shape!
5.) Don’t Give up a Second Date if you Aren’t that Into Him – If you don’t think your relationship is going to go anywhere, don’t give in for a second date. There is no need dragging it out and leading him on!
6.) Don’t tell your life story! – There are plenty of things to converse about. You don’t need to tell your date your full life story. If things work out, there is plenty of time to learn about each other!
7.) Done Lie – This one is a given. Even little white lies may come back and bite you in the ass! Just don’t do it.
8.) Don’t be Pesky – Limit the number of text messages, e-mails, or phone calls you make. You don’t want to end up being thatannoying girl. You aren’t desperate! Don’t act like you are!
9.) Don’t Date Around – Don’t date too many guys at one time. Pick one or two and stick with them. The more men you juggle, the stickier it can get. Plus, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin!
10.) Dont date a man who doesn’t respect women! – This should be a given, but I have seen too many women put up with asshole guys who have no respect for them, or any women in general. You deserve better ladies! Don’t settle!