Online Dating Annoyance #1 and #2

You know what drives me absolutely insane on online dating profiles?


I just noticed this guy looked at my account, so I went on over to his page and was scrolling through the photos. The first 1-2 photos were a couple months old, but that’s okay. Then they got older and older. He had photos that were labelled 2008. 2008!!!!!!!!! I could get over one old photo, maybe. Maybe. I have a pic of me, that is hilarious mind you, that’s of me being eaten by this hippo thing at a playground in my Army uniform. It’s a few years old, but I throw that ONE photo in there for a few reasons: I was in the military for real and I’m hilarious. 

But to have multiple photos going that far back in time? No. No no no.


And you know what else drives me insane? Same guy, last photo. It’s of him and this girl who is kissing his cheek. It’s labelled “2008 party with one of my oldest friends, but we don’t talk much anymore.”  Hi, yea, that’s code for “my ex girlfriend”.

Never ever ever put photos up that have people of the same sex as what you’re looking for in your profile. ESPECIALLY kissing ones. 

UGH! C’mon, people!!


One thought on “Online Dating Annoyance #1 and #2

  1. Haha – yeah, I love the profiles that have them with their arm around a girl whose face has been covered up…really? You can’t find a good photo of yourself, solo? Dummies.

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