Man Candy Monday

Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand: Man Candy Monday. Today’s fantastically delicious piece of Man Meat is James Franco.


Personally, I’ve been in love with Mr. Franco since I was in high school and I saw the James Dean movie he was in. Holy hotness, batman! But as I’ve seen more and more movies with him, I’ve fallen more in love with him. Movies like Howl, Oz the Great and Powerful, Spiderman, 127 Hours- all solid movies. And he’s FUNNY. I mean, who doesn’t love Freaks and Geeks? He’s extremely talented as he can play many different characters, plus write and direct. He also loves to paint, which is pretty sexy. And did you know that he is a brilliant math nerd (like yours truly 😉 ) and interned at Lockheed Martin. Also- that smile. I just absolutely DIE when he flashes that giant grin.


So James Franco, congratulations on being today’s Man Candy Monday. Just keep doing your thing, sweetheart.



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