FriendFlirt Podcast!!!

Hey everyone! Big news here!

I have been approached by Big Sauce Radio Show to come on and co-host a weekly show to discuss online dating, Friend Flirt, relationships, sex, dating in general, and what have you. I am so excited about this! You should check out the show currently, as it’s fantastic already (check it out here). It’s hilarious and lots of fun. Our new FriendFlirt shows will be totally awesome, which you’ll see.

Do you want to be a part of the show? Well, good news! There are several ways you can be involved!

First- We need your online dating horror stories!!! We want to share your horror stories with everyone for a good, clean laugh! Feel free to email your stories to or you can even call our voicemail at 724-472-8235 and we’ll play your story on the air! You can choose to stay anonymous if you’d like or tell us your name- all up to you! But please, send some stories! You could also leave them as comments on this page if you’d like.

Second- Dudes, do you have a sick 6 pack? Ladies, does your man have killer abs? Know a guy that does? Send us pictures for our 6 Pack Brigade! Every week we’ll have a competition on who has the best 6 pack, with prizes!

Third- Ladies, want to show off your pedicure? Join our Pretty Pedi Posse! Same as the 6 Pack Brigade, every week we’ll show off pictures of your pretty tootsies and we’ll have prizes for whoever has the best one!


So there’s that! Please subscribe to The Big Sauce Podcast Show and check out the Friend Flirt show!

Our first recording will be Wednesday next week, so please send us your stories and photos now to get them on air for next week’s show!


xoxo Jess


4 thoughts on “FriendFlirt Podcast!!!

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  2. Hi, I don’t know how to tweet, or even listen to podcasts (no jokes about my technology skills ppl…please) but I do have an online dating horror story but it’s not clean. Also I would like to know what my age group (I’m female, 51 and divorced after being married for 26 yrs) thinks about the men in this age group on dating sites. It’s a whole new world for some of us and these guys my age seem to be going through midlife crisis and all want younger women or at least women that ‘look’ really young, etc. I say, if you don’t look like a GQ Model, don’t expect us to look like Victoria Secret Models. I’m 5’5″ and weigh 117lbs, but I am NOT fit. I have so many stories and opinions about this age groups ‘profiles’. I’m at the point where I’ve found it entertaining to read them than to actually contact them anymore.

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