Foxy Lady Friday

When thinking of ladies for this week’s Foxy Lady Friday, I decided on one of my celebrity girl crushes: Kaley Cuoco! 


  • She does kickboxing for fun/fitness (as a fellow kickboxer, this is awesome!)
  • She was home-schooled since she didn’t like private school. She graduated when she was 16. What a smarty pants!
  • She’s absolutely hilarious. Have you seen The Big Bang Theory? Penny is my spirit animal!
  • She’s an animal lover- she has 3 dogs, a cat, and a horse!
  • Before she switched to acting, she was a nationally ranked tennis player!
  • She’s a total hottie!

kaley Kaley Cuoco - 2012 ESQUIRE Mexico-06 2012sag_kaleycuoco001

Here’s to you, Kaley Cuoco!


One thought on “Foxy Lady Friday

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