Woman Sues Match.com After Attack

Have you people heard of this story yet, where a woman is suing Match because she was attacked by her date?


Let’s back this up: This woman, Mary Kay Beckman, met a man through Match.com. They went out a few times and then she broke it off. She came home one day and he was in her garage. He stabbed her several times and then stomped and kicked at her, leaving her for dead.

Apparently this same dude had also just murdered another woman after a break up as well.

Yikes, scary right?

So here’s the thing. Ms. Beckman is suing Match.com because they didn’t have enough information on their site to warn users of potential predators.


First of all, most dating sites have information on their sites for their users on how to protect themselves and to warn them of potential danger. I can’t say that for sure of Match, but they’re claiming that they do. But what does this woman want Match to do?

A lot of sites do cross check their members with sexual offender lists. However, from what I’ve read, this guy did not have a criminal history. So what was Match supposed to do? If he’s got no criminal history, then what is there to do? Nothing!

Let’s pretend this is ‘offline dating’. Let’s say that Ms. Beckman met this man at a bar. They meet and hit it off and exchange numbers. They go out a few times. It doesn’t work out, so she ends it. He goes to her house and tries to kill her. Would she sue the bar because they didn’t warn people of the dangers of meeting strangers?

I’m sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Online dating is a great tool to meet new people and yes, it can be totally dangerous, but just as dangerous as meeting any person at the grocery store or a baseball game. And even if someone’s background check is clear, doesn’t mean they can’t snap at any time.

I’m very sorry for Ms. Beckman- this is a horrible horrible tragedy, but I really don’t think it’s Match.com’s fault.

I wrote a post about how to protect yourself while online dating and there are several resources out there that will teach you the same things.

What makes me sad about this whole thing (besides the murdered woman and Ms. Beckman’s injuries), is that this puts a bad taste in people’s mouths about online dating. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE DANGEROUS! Protect yourself, people!

And if you’re really worried about online dating and want a safer alternative, try http://www.FriendFlirt.com. We’re online dating through friends- much safer!!!

xoxo Jess


2 thoughts on “Woman Sues Match.com After Attack

  1. match is definitely not at fault. It’s really unfortunate that she went through that but there was nothing that could have been done to prevent this from happening.

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