Man Candy Monday

Today’s Man Candy Monday is another one of my personal favorites: PAUL RUDD!


So why is Paul Rudd the Man Candy today? Well, let’s see:

  • He is absolutely hilarious. I think there are few people out there that make me laugh more than he does. 
  • He’s in a fraternity. Sigma Nu, to be specific. And as I’m a sister of Alpha Xi Delta- I love him just that much more.
  • He’s a sports fan. He likes Kansas City teams, but I’ll forgive him for that.
  • He’s in so many awesome movies all over the board. Clueless, Wet Hot American Summer, Anchorman, I Love You Man, Dinner for Schmucks, The Great Gatsby, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Cider House Rules….I could go on.
  • Did I mention that he’s hilarious?
  • He’s a great dad. I’m always seeing pictures of him taking his son surfing and playing with his daughter.
  • He’s kind of a hipster.
  • I’ve heard that he’s cool to meet in person.
  • And all these pictures:


So here’s to you, Paul Rudd!!!

Got an idea for Man Candy Monday? Leave it in the comments!

xoxo Jess


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