Why Confidence is SOOOOO Important!

Here we go with another blog post from a Love Guru! This one is from Ms. Bossy Moksie.
As usual, this is a great post and it’s something that I’ve preached to people a million times- hopefully if you didn’t get it before, you’ll get it now.
Why Confidence is SOOOOOO Important
As you know, I think pretty highly of myself.
It’s not so that I can brag about myself and my life all the time.
It’s not to insist that you think that I am amazing and awesome as I think I am.
In truth, I like to think highly of myself because it’s FUN!
It’s really a great feeling to put yourself first and stand up for yourself and make sure that you are squeezing every bit of joy and laughter out of whichever situations you may be in. You also can expect and demand the good stuff, and most of the time, you get it!
Who wants to be around a the wallflower cowering in the corner?
Who wants to be around the spoil sport hater, who has to put others and everything else down in order to make themselves feel better?
Who wants to be around that person who is always brings the conversation back to them and how allegedly awesome they are unless that person is me?
Who wants to be around that person who is so wasted and high that they can’t complete sentences, let alone function in any way?
Who wants to be around the person who just can’t SHUT UP!!!!
Not me! And I’m sure most of you feel the same.
Being around insecure, unconfident people is EXHAUSTING. It’s not fun, pleasant, or attractive. Nine times out of ten, it’s the reason your date has run the other way.
Don’t be that unconfident person that someone else has to put up with on a date.
How can you be more confident? For me, having confidence means accepting who you are and what you got, the good and the bad and the ugly. Then you OWN it. Maybe there are things you want to work on and improve. Or maybe you don’t. Either way, no one is perfect.
You could be an unemployed hunchback who smells like cats. But if you accept that and are secure with yourself, someone will be able to enjoy you and your company.
Probably not the person who hates cats. But someone.
People like being around confident, secure people, and it’s attractive. Why? Because it’s the opposite of all that drama I listed above!
Help them, help you to enjoy yourself! By being confident, you are going to enjoy life more, and people will enjoy being around you. And that’s always a great place to be!

4 thoughts on “Why Confidence is SOOOOO Important!

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  2. The problem is getting there. If your confidence has been knocked, continuously, time and time again in the end you don’t have any left and you have no idea how to get it back because you keep expecting those knockbacks in life.

    Believe me, I’ve been there and I still go there sometimes but I’m doing my best to fight back instead of letting it show.

    • I know people have experienced what you are talking about (being knocked down over and over) and it keeps them down. People try to knock me off my self-made pedastool too, but maybe I have too many affirmations that say otherwise? Maybe that’s the trick; to have activities and people around you that affirm that you are a worthy, amazing individual just the way you are and that whatever unique things you have to offer, is of value.

      • I’m one of those people who was surrounded by negative influences most of my life so I was full of self-doubt a lot of the time. Problem is, when you are surrounded by people who tell you that you are intelligent, funny, great company and an amazing person it isn’t easy to start believing. I’m better than I was, but I still have my moments.

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