Man Candy Monday!

Welcome to Man Candy Monday! This week’s post was written by a friend of mine, Krystle. I knew as soon as we discuss this particular piece of Man Candy that this was going to be one of my favorite posts- ever. I fully agree every statement she has in this post.



So, in the fall of 2006 a little TV show called ‘Friday Night Lights’ crept up on my radar. Sure it was about football (and honestly I only know enough about football to make me not sound like an idiot when I’m working behind the bar. Stats? I know nothing. The big wigs and who they’re dating/married to/kids names? I KNOW IT ALL. My brain works in mysterious ways….) but there was something about the promos that peaked my interest.

Namely Taylor Kitsch.



Just look at him people. The hair, the broody face, the eyes, the body (we’ll get to that a little
later). I swear, the man is perfection in a human being. Maybe it’s because I have a thing for
guys/characters that feel like I can fix but Kitsch here swiftly moved up to the number one spot
in my “Elevator List”. Now, this whole post was supposed to be about ALL the men of FNL. But
my words about Kitsch took over and the rest of those guys will just have to wait.

So here we go – the TOP FIVE reasons that Taylor Kitsch is my nomination for the second
weekly “Man Candy Monday”.

1. He’s freaking Canadian. And pretty much grew up playing hockey. I have a thing for hockey
players. But as most athelete turned model stories go, kid blew out his knee and moved to NYC
to pursue another dream (where he lived in his car cause he was homeless. No big deal).

2. He looks good with both LONG and SHORT hair (Although I cried when he chopped it all off).

3. He’s charitable. Kitsch (we’re clearly on a last name basis. I don’t need to call him Taylor),
works with the African Children’s Choir – And even filmed/directed a documentary for them.

4. Somehow he can still look sexy eating a plateful of nachos from the Hula Hut in Austin. If you
don’t believe me, please google the video of him and Minka Kelly that they filmed during the
second season of FNL.

5. His movies MAY NOT BE THE BEST (I’m looking at you ‘John Carter’ and ‘Battleship’.
And ‘The Covenant’), but atleast its a reason to stare at his face/body for two hours.

Bonus Reason? All these pictures:


I could go on forever, and link you many MANY pictures where this man’s gorgeousness shines
through – but then Jess might yell at me cause the post is too long. So I will just leave you with
this – WWRD (What Would Riggins Do?!)?!





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