Foxy Lady Friday

For FriendFlirt’s first Foxy Lady Friday, I’ve selected (after consulting a few of my male friends) Jennifer Lawrence!


Aside from looking absolutely FLAWLESS all the time, there are several reasons why Jennifer is our Foxy Lady this Friday.

  • Did you know she graduated high school 2 years early? Smarty pants!
  • This girl is fucking hilarious. I mean it. Read some of her interviews or check out some videos on youtube of her. She’s very candid and just cracks me up.
  • She isn’t scared of any role. She was in The Hunger Games, House at the End of the Street, and The Silver Linings Playbook- all totally different roles.
  • She appears to be very modest and down to earth- who doesn’t dig that?
  • I’m betting she could kick your ass and that is just awesome.


And she’s beautiful to boot.

So here’s to you Ms. Lawrence! Happy Foxy Lady Friday!

xoxo Jess

Have an idea for an upcoming Foxy Lady Friday? Leave her in the comments!


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