Don’t become a Te’o!!!

You guys have heard about this whole imaginary girlfriend that Manti Te’o, the linebacker from Notre Dame, right?


Well, here’s the skinny:

Basically, Manti Te’o had announced to the world that his grandmother and his girlfriend died within hours of each other and inspired him and his teammates to play their best. And play their best they did (until well, yea you all know how that story ends). Notre Dame football had a hell of a season this year, and all in the name of Lennay Kekua, Te’o’s girlfriend. 

No one bothered to do any kind of research on this until a few days ago when Lennay Kekua tweeted. 

Yea! In heaven, there’s twitter! Imagine! *eyeroll*

So yea, basically, after some digging- it was discovered that Kekua did NOT have leukemia and did not pass away and had never met Te’o. 

They had made plans to meet several times, but he Te’o was stood up every time. 

Now our poor Manti Te’o is the victim of what we now call CATFISHING. 

I’ll give you the link rest of the story– it’s pretty crazy. I kind of want to hug the guy and say “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay”.

I also know a good way to prevent this from happening- JOIN FRIENDFLIRT!


Seriously- if Manti Te’o would have been able to look at her social network profiles and talk to her/his friends about her, this could have all been avoided.

See why Friend Flirt is going to be awesome?


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