Man Candy Monday

For the very first FriendFlirt Man Candy Monday, I’m nominating Mark Wahlberg as the Man Candy.



I shouldn’t have to really tell you WHY I chose Mark Wahlberg, but in case you are blind and deaf, I’ll list a few reasons.

  • We ladies just love the bad boy. Even better is the bad boy gone good. Mark’s got a crazy history and he’s cleaned himself up rather well. Kudos to you, Mr. Wahlberg.
  • He’s a great actor who’s very versatile. He can go from biopics like The Fighter, to dramas like The Departed, to comedies like Ted and The Other Guys. Or how about the ultra sexy leather pants and nipple piercing version of Mark in Rockstar? And who can forget porn star in Boogie Nights.
  • He’s great behind the camera, too! Who here likes Entourage?
  • He’s very centered around his family. He’s getting his tattoos removed for his kids (not my favorite thing, but hey- to each their own) and he even brings them to Dorchester to keep his kids grounded. He also hasn’t married and remarried a million times, so that’s cool.
  • For me personally- he’s from South Boston and I am absolutely insane about Southie boys. I mean, that accent…it gets me every time.
  • Can you just LOOK AT THE MAN!? I mean, don’t you just want to reach out and just…touch him?
  • “Good Vibrations”. Marky Mark, we just love you.

And who didn’t love this Calvin Klein ad?



So here’s to you, Mark Wahlberg!


xoxo Jess


Got an idea for Man Candy Monday? Leave him in the comments!



9 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday

  1. I’ve always thought Mark Wahlberg was an outstanding gentleman!! Perfect first Man Candy Monday choice!!! πŸ™‚ My suggestion for the next one is Gerard Butler. I love him. To me, he is the epitome of the perfect man. Haha.

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