The Best Dating Advice You’ll Ever Read

This goes for online dating and “offline” dating. Really, just dating in general. Actually, it can just be great life advice.

Ready for it? Here it goes:


Seriously! Do you want to date someone funny, interesting, smart, and outgoing? Well you better be funny, interesting, smart, and outgoing, too!

If you’re unsure of what I mean, look at this way:


Now don’t be all cocky and silly and say “yea of course, I’m fabulous!”. Sure, you’re great. But think about this really hard. If you met yourself, would you be interested in getting to know you better?

Now don’t start following your crush’s favorite football team if you don’t like sports. That’s not how this works. Your personal interests can be different.

However, if you want to date someone with particular qualities, then you better be sharing some/all of those qualities.

xoxo, Jess

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6 thoughts on “The Best Dating Advice You’ll Ever Read

  1. Could not agree more!!! I think this is a lot of people’s problem. They want that funny, outgoing, smart person so that’s what they’re drawn to – but they themselves are not that. Or they try so hard to be something that someone wants and they come off as being too fake. Oh the woes of dating!! 😉

  2. So true! I hate it when quiet guys tell me they like me because I’m outgoing. Why don’t they just become more outgoing then???
    This is truly the best advice, but most have trouble actually making this happen.

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