Horrible Messages, #1

I’m going to start a segment of posts that will be centered around actual messages that I (or if you’d like to submit your own, that’s cool, too!) have received in my time during online dating.

This is a message that I got a long time ago and it is a great example of what not to do in a message.

the names a given(as it,comes attatched with the message)ha! however if you want to know more it’s gonna take effort.ha so, if your curious/interested, check out my pic and info on my page. if by then you’ve searched your mind,body(ha jk)soul and decided you want to get to know me, you know what to do. if not,so be it. 


Um, no. That’s just all wrong. Grammar, spelling, and the attitude- no thanks. Nooooo thanks.



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6 thoughts on “Horrible Messages, #1

  1. Here’s one I got where it was obvious he was just sending out the same message to a bunch of women:
    “Hi there,

    I noticed your profile and its actually about as blank as mine! ; )

    I’m actually on the verge of either posting a photo or not, as I’ve noticed I recognize a few faces on here and to be honest am a little uncomfortable with the whole online dating thing. You can however see a picture of me if you go on Facebook. My name is Samuel Giles and I’m the one in the tux from honolulu (I keep forgetting to change the address as I used to live there)

    Anyways, I realize this is pretty odd way of going about this, but a little about me: I’m a med student from tufts who is in Portland for the next couple of years. I’m very active and love surfing, hiking, running biking skiing and practically everything else in the world.

    If I haven’t turned you off by this message, feel free to type back and maybe I can get to know you a little more. ”

    I mean he was nice in what he said, I just didn’t like his way of going about it.

    But I deleted the strange messages…like from this one guy who messaged me more than once the first time asking for a threesome and the second just straight out saying “Hey, wanna f***?”


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